2 1 page writing prompts on music r&b and rock and roll

July 5, 2020
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July 5, 2020

Write 1 page writing prompt on :
the various positions of whether or not Rock & Roll and R & B are the same genres. Cite specific figures and their views and include your own conclusion about which positions are most convincing. Figures or concepts you might cite include: John Lennon, George Nelson (of Billboard magazine), Peter Guralnick, Jimmy Meyers (also known as Jimmy DeKnight), Milt Gabler, the beat differences in the genres, the vocal timbre differences, Pat Boone, and Chuck Berry.

Include at least one song and a link to a performance of it in your writing. You must also include a few sentences about WHY you chose this song and HOW it relates to your answer.

write a separate 1 page writing prompt regarding:
Soul Music was undeniably a central part of the Civil Rights movement. Some songs, such as A Change is Gonna Come, address Civil Rights directly in their lyrics while other songs or performers seek to elevate the status of Black Americans in the eyes of White society without directly saying so in their lyrics (such as Berry Gordys carefully constructed MoTown images). Choose a song such as Respect by Aretha Franklin or Love Train by the OJays that is well-known today and usually not associated with Civil Rights. Look at the lyrics, the performance style, and other musical details and discuss how and why this song was able to be understood as advocating for Black Power or racial equality during the 1960s and 70s even though those ideas are not commonly evoked for modern listeners. Then choose a song from the same era that undeniably refers to these themes in its lyrics, such as The Revolution Will Not Be Televised or To Be Young, Gifted, and Black by Nina Simone. Compare and contrast the songs and their effectiveness, mentioning differences in lyrical content but ESPECIALLY differences and/or similarities in how the music is delivered role of rhythm, style of vocals, presence of Africanisms, etc. For each song, be sure to contextualize it in terms of time, place, and intended audience.


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