2 Classmate Responses Did The Campaign For A New International Economic Order Fail Or Succeed Why Or Why Not
April 8, 2021
300 words paper 3
April 8, 2021

A portfolio is built using a set of subsidiary portfolios, programs, projects, and operational activities. The selection of key components is crucial in portfolio success. What role do portfolio funding and portfolio resources play in structuring the portfolio? How is this connected to the selection and continuing evaluation of portfolio key components? Connect your post to the assigned reading from Week 5. Week 5 Readings Required Readings Chapter 5 Portfolio Capacity and Capability Management in Project Management Institute, Inc. [PMI]. (2017). The standard for portfolio management (Links to an external site.) (4th ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute. ISBN-13: 9781628251975 Additional Readings Killen, C. P. & Hunt, R. A. (2010). Dynamic capability: understanding the relationship between project portfolio management capability and competitive advantage (Links to an external site.). Paper presented at PMI® Research Conference: Defining the Future of Project Management, Washington, DC. Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute.

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