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April 2, 2021
One Paragraph Thesis Statement
April 2, 2021

Learning from Activities Thought Piece. Consider transformative activities outside of conventional work/training (e.g. hobbies, travel, community/social service) that you have accumulated. Write about 2-3 different activities/experiences. Each reflection/essay should be at least one-page and should start on a new page.
In the first paragraph (or two), include the following:

Name of the activity and a brief description
Time(s) of participation in this activity
Name of organization, club, group, etc. (if applicable)
Approximate amount of time spent in this activity (per week/month and overall)
What tasks did you complete during your participation in this activity?
What was your primary responsibility/focus during this activity?

In the subsequent paragraphs (2-3+), write about the following (you are not limited to writing only about these things but please incorporate them all in your response):

Describe the activity in greater detail.
What specifically did you learn?
What is the relevance of this learning to your goals/experiences as a COMM-ST major?
Did participating in this activity change the way you look at yourself? If so, how?
Did participating in this activity challenge any of your firmly held ideas?

What impact did participating in this activity have you individually, academically, and/or professionally, etc.?
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