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What strategies could you use here to help you have more success and prevent accidental mistakes?
January 14, 2021
In your analysis, do the following:Analyze Dr. Marsh’s challenges and their influence on an organization’s culture.  Summarize the leadership style you would adopt to influence the organization
January 14, 2021

Bridging Lanka is a not-for profit organisation in Sri Lanka that provides support, resources and training to local communities in the Mannar region of Sri Lanka (particularly disadvantaged and affected by the civil war) to improve conditions and opportunities for the local people, wildlife and the environment. Your job is to research Bridging Lanka and its services/activities and develop an advertising campaign that helps to promote one of their activities or services to potential clients or donors.

Your job is to develop a campaign to promote volunteer opportunities to UQ students, or to a particular group of UQ students. our main target customer is UQ student and volunteer visa student in Brisbane. please write 500 about Identification & profile of target consumers/audiences for advertising. you only need to write part of target consumer. please do not write other part. do not need background.

Do not plagiarize.

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