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Sociology Analysis of to Kill a Mocking Bird
September 17, 2020
Training Needs Analysis Chapter 3 of the textbook describes the analysis stage o
September 17, 2020

For this assignment, you will be analyzing the Java™ code in the linked Week Four Analyze Assignment Text File, and answering questions about the array that appears in the code.

Carefully read through the code line by line, then answer the following questions in a Microsoft® Word document:

  1. If an array had not been chosen to hold the data manipulated in this program, how else (i.e., with what other data types) could it have been represented?
  2. Which approach, using an array or using the alternative you identified in question #1, is shorter/easier?
  3. What is the output of this program?
  4. What would be the result of using a println() statement to display the value of arraynum[8]?
  5. How many values can arraynum contain, and why?


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