answer the following 243

Read the attached papers and answer only one question at the end of Unit 7-Natural Born… 1 answer below »
September 17, 2020
answer questions below 37
September 17, 2020

Ruth Schwartz Cowan: How the Refrigerator Got its Hum

Study Question:

1. Is there a single aspect of technology you use in your everyday life that you are skeptical about or dislike? Explain. Is there a single aspect of technology that you are especially grateful about? Explain.

2. What are the main factors at play in the gas versus electric refrigerator story by Cowan? What is Cowan’s main conclusion in the section “The Profit Motive and the Alternative Machine”? Explain. Do you think the “profit motive” is similarly at work in other fields of technology today (stem cell, nano-technology, etc.)?


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