artwork requires drawing

, write a 4-5 page paper describing the provisions of the following major labor laws as well as their impact on organizations and the union-management relationship:
July 5, 2020
What is a white collar crime? What types of white collar crimes? What population is usually affected
July 5, 2020

Museum Trip:
Virtual visit to the MFA Boston –
Paper: (0-70 points)

7 Page Paper: On an world known artwork from a museum you visited during the class.

Cover page # 1 Include: Museum, Artist, Title, Medium (Material), Date, and Size & A Photo of the Artwork

Pages # 2-6 On the selected artwork and its meaning, write an analysis of the artwork using at least 20 of the vocabulary words, add an artists biography  as well as his or her art movement or art – period and their artistic style

Page # 7  Sources

Artwork: (0-30 points)

Artwork – Your Drawing of the art work. Create a master copy. It must be skillful showing  time and effort.

Take a photo of your artwork

0-69 – no credit

70-79 -1 point on final grade

80-89 – 2 points on your final grade

90-100 – 3 points on your final grade


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