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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

After speaking to a few patients, Kerry discovered that the brochure had some terminology with which the patients were unfamiliar. Additionally, the patients felt that some of the health information on the brochure was difficult to understand or see on a small scale. As a result of this feedback, Kerry has decided to reevaluate the health message of the brochure and is incorporating edits.

Proposing a health communication campaign may present challenges when attempting to deliver a health message to a varied audience. By soliciting feedback and reviewing health communication campaigns, health educators can ensure that their intended message based on health behavior theory is conveyed appropriately.

For this Assignment, review your colleagues’ comments in the Discussion. Reflect on your colleague’s critique and consider how you might incorporate proposed recommendations in revising your health communication campaign brochure.

The Assignment: (1 page)

  • Revise and upload your health communication campaign brochure. Be sure to include revisions based on your colleagues’ critiques from the Discussion.’
  • You did a great job in presenting important information including facts and statistics. People don’t realize the risk they are in and don’t perceive their susceptibility to many diseases including HIV and AIDS. When designing a brochure it is important to know your audience and their level of literacy. I like your description and explanation about the virus itself and its harmful effects. You used simple terminology that is easy for people to follow, and as you pointed out medical terminology can leave many confused. I agree with Jane and Dr. McMahon, adding locations for free testing and additional resources would be beneficial for the audience. Your brochure increases the reader’s knowledge and brings awareness to HIV and AIDS along with solutions, and prevention methods.
    Nice job on your brochure. I love how bright and colorful it is. You have a lot of good information, but you may want to provide your audience with additional resources on HIV or where they can get tested. These educational interventions can be provided to a group or designed at the individual level. Tailoring information to meet the specific needs of the individual will improve success rate. “Tailoring refers to the process of customizing information/messages for an individual based upon an assessment of characteristics of that individual” (Cho, 2012, p. 217). In regards to HIV, do you think the information may need to be tailored differently to the individual compared to a population?
    I love the concept of the red and green sides of the brochure. Your content is great and powerful, but maybe not it all CAPS, as it is difficult to ready, kind of runs together losing the message without some effort. Why do you think this will catch the eyes of the binging young people? Is there an intentional design that I can’t see because I am from an older generation?
    The colors of your brochure really caught my eye. I like your creativity and how you incorporated symbolism into the brochure. If it was among many brochures, it would certainly stand out, which is a good thing. I found it very informative and easy to read.
    One thing that you could think about adding is a phone number or resource where people can go to for more information.

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