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Discussion Question 2 And 3
February 24, 2021
explains briefly at least TWO problems raised by the plan, and c. gives one or two reasons for thinking either that the Plan should be changed
February 24, 2021

Calculate [K+] total where [K+] tota l= [K+] of KNO3 + [K+] of Tartrate and Ksp. Assume that KNO3 is 86 percent ionized. Then Calculate the Ksp an experiment on common ion solubility. Where titrate the solution of 1 g potassium hydrogen tartrate (KHC4H4O6) and about 100 ml 0.020 M KNO3. Pipette the 10 ml of solution + 50 ml of distilled water into Erlenmeyer flask and using burette NaOH 0.019 M for titration measured Volume of NaOH used is 10.40 ml.


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