Career Plan

Educations Response to Multiculturalism in Curriculum and Instruction
September 17, 2020
explain the web scale it trend in businesses and organizations
September 17, 2020

Evaluates career inventory results based on psychological theories and concepts.
Analyzes how alternative psychological principles can motivate progress toward professional goals as Real
Estate Agent & later a Maps Coach with Keller Williams, and evaluates which would be most useful.
Evaluates how professional goals and plans align with values and life interests. (Enjoy helping people & seeing
others succeed)
Develops an action plan with a realistic sequence of SMART goals for implementing psychological knowledge
and skills to pursue professional goals as a Real Estate Agent & later a Maps Coach with Keller Williams.
Career Inventory Results below
Dealing with Pressure
Note: To qualify as a maps coach I have to have 75 real estate transactions per year for a minimum of 2 years

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