Case 4 The Pet Economy

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February 8, 2018
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Case 4 The Pet Economy

Case 4 The Pet Economy
By now you must have a cover page, a resources page, and cite your sources within your paper if you are taking quotes or factual figures from another source. I would like to see original work turned in, along with a minimum of 3 pages not including the cover page or resources page.

Case 4 The Pet Economy


Americans spend $41 billion a year on their pets.This is double the amount spent on pets a decade ago.”Pet economy” is expected to grow to $52 billion in the next two years.

Money spent on pets go into categories such as food, medicines, and services.Food accounts for 40 percent of all money spent on pets, followed by veterinary care and over-the-counter medicines.As people spend more time, attention, and money on their pets, a number of niches have emerged within this economy.An example of an entrepreneur who has exploited a niche is Gregg A. Miller, whose product Neuticles is a patented testicular implant (for neutered dogs) that sells for $919 a pair. The pet economy shows no signs of slowing down.


· The nature of corporate social responsibility (Chapter 3: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics)
· The impact of a changing competitive environment on business strategy (Chapter 4: External Environment)
· Identification of global trends that shape an industry (Chapter 5: The Global Environment)

Chapter 1: Strategic Management, Chapter 3: Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics, Chapter 4: External Environment, and Chapter 5: Global Environment


1. How have pet owners’ attitudes toward their pets changed in recent years
2. Which part of the pet economy appears to be the most attractive
3. Why is animal medicine a controversial issue


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