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May 21, 2020
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Case Review: OUTLINE

This is for the course POWER AND NEGOTIATION

-First read Instructions provided
-Read and analyze the case provided (Negotiating about Pandas for San Diego Zoo). 

PART 1 already complete: Here is the proposal:
“For my individual case review project, I decided to write about the case, Negotiating About Pandas for San Diego Zoo. The San Diego Zoo, located in California, is known to be one of the finest and biggest zoos in the world. This case really stood out to me due to my passion for exotic endangered animals within zoos. I actually visited the San Diego Zoo long ago and was one of my desired childhood memories. My love for animals is something I am truly passionate about. It is know to be one of the rarest Zoos in which contains and breeds the giant pandas. Through my research, I found it very interesting to find that the San Diego Zoo is known for their Giant Pandas and the long negotiating process that took place to make this happen. This case is relevant to this course because it goes through the whole process of how the Zoo worked with the Chinese Zoos to procure the exotic giant pandas. The negotiation between the two was to figure out what the exchange would be and how to make arrangements for payments to China. They were able to build a relationship with China, which allowed them to obtain unbelievable animals, such as the two pandas Basi and Yuan Yuan.”

PART 2: For this portion of the assignment, you will write an OUTLINE that demonstrates:

A structured writing plan for the final paper in Part 3
Sufficient headings to demonstrate a complete paper
Sufficient sub-headings to demonstrate the development of content

There is an example outline provided


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