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give an answer of about 150 200 words to each of the following three questions type your answer right below each question check your content grammar and spelling for accuracy before submitting your answers 1 what is a virtual machine list and descri 1
April 2, 2021
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April 2, 2021

How have Chicano thinkers’ analyses of Chicano history, culture, and identity reflected the tensions between internal diversity and cultural unity, and/or between assimilation and resistance?

Answer the above question by constructing a clear thesis. The thesis equals your main claim or assertion, along with supporting claims that make the overall argument compelling. To substantiate your argument and defend your position, you must engage with a wide range of the required readings from weeks one through five. Specifically, you must balance your analysis and your voice with a mix of interwoven key quotes and paraphrasing. There is no “correct” answer to the question, but you must compose a persuasive essay by supporting your argument with the evidence presented in the class materials. In this regard, you do not have to agree with the required authors, but you must address their theoretical concepts and analytical assertions. You may counter or dispute the authors’ claims to advance your argument, support your point of view, or make an original point. You may also quote the lectures and films from throughout the quarter, but do not use any outside sources. For specific course readings that you have quoted or paraphrased, refer to authors’ names in the body of the essay text, within sentences, or in parentheses after sentences. Cite lecture material as (lecture). To answer the midterm exam question, it may be helpful to consider: ethnicity; race; class; gender; politics; language; values; internal colonialism; the border; Aztlán; Chicanismo.


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