Child Psychopathology Case Study

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July 2, 2020
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July 2, 2020

Read the following case study:

Case Study #3: Scott

After you read the case study, answer the questions below. Please clearly number each question and submit your answers as a word document. The goal of the assignment is to demonstrate that you can apply knowledge from class to the case study, so you should use concepts from your text and class notes to support your answers. Make sure to cite your sources (your notes and text) using APA format, and include a reference page.

1. Based on information from the case study, what diagnosis (or diagnoses) would you consider for Scott? What specific criteria are present to support the diagnosis (or diagnoses)?

2. Identify at least 3 possible causal factors in the case, and give specific examples of these factors.

3. Develop a treatment plan for Scott that includes at least two components, and discuss your rationale for your treatment plan.

Please Cite only the Book Chapters and Powerpoints.


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