Communication increasingly important for companies

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May 30, 2020
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May 30, 2020
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Communication increasingly important for companies

Stakeholders and, at the same time, companies are also focusing more and more on Corporate Social
Responsibility (CSR).

  1. Refer to the web-site given to you and analyze the CSR campaign that is presented using the
    framework provided by Chaudhri & Wang (2007).
  2. Decide which aspects of the web-site design are effective and which are not effective. Make this
    part of your Conclusion.
    Write a 350-450 word report in which you present the results of your analysis.
  3. What is CSR?
  4. Give a real-life example (from anywhere)
  5. What is this assignment going to do (thesis statement, using the three dimensions)?
  6. What did you do to find the information for this assignment? (be very brief)
    For each of the three aspects/dimensions do the following:
  7. Define the aspect very briefly.
  8. What did you find about this aspect from the website?
  9. Please feel free to connect with other two readings as needed
  10. Repeat for the next aspect
  11. *** Please remember that this should be the main part of your report. Make sure you write
    roughly equal amount for each aspect.
    Raihan Jamil, Ph.D.
  12. Wrap up with a summary of your thoughts- answer Q2 from above in here.
    Write word count: 415 words (350-450 words max)
    Save the Word file.
    References: i) The article ii) The website(s)

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