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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Unit 4 Assignment: Competency Models In this Assignment, you will review a competency model for a real organization. Select an organization that you are sufficiently positioned with to get the information you need for this Assignment. It could be a company you have worked with or a nonprofit organization with which you have had some experience. It will be more difficult to complete the Assignment if you select an organization where you are an outsider, unable to gather the needed information. In order to help you become more familiar with HRD professional articles, this Assignment has a reference requirement: One article from TD (formerly T + D). Use this link once you are in the Library to find TD articles: http://library.kaplan.edu/HR410/hrd_articles_help Worksheet: Use the Unit 4 Worksheet located in Course Resources.

UNIT 4 ASSIGNMENT WORKSHEET (Note the length requirement of 900 words)

Name of Organization (single sentence)

Business Strategy and Goals (minimum of one paragraph)

What is the business strategy and goals for this organization?

Identify the Job (minimum of one paragraph)

What job or position would you use to develop a competency model?

Data Collection (minimum of one paragraph)

How would you collect the data required to develop a competency model?

Competency Model (minimum of one paragraph)

What would be some possible competencies for this job or position?

Validation (minimum of one paragraph)

How would you validate these competencies?


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