confidence intervals 19

discuss in 500 words why institutions might be reluctant to move their it to the cloud consider specific industries like education medicine military etc
April 3, 2021
protective order
April 3, 2021

Follow these steps:

  • Download the Confidence Intervals (PDF) document.Preview the document (ATTACHED)
  • Create a new document that contains your solutions to the problems.
  • Save the document with a descriptive file name that includes your last name and first initial (example: SmithJ_distributions.doc).



User: thakorj

Pass: Jayr5214

Supplemental StatCrunch Tutorial Videos

The video on Confidence Intervals will be helpful in finishing this activity.

  • StatCrunch – Confidence Interval Population Mean (3:22 YouTube) (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


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