Cracking Fraud with Government’s Big Data.

Physical Science 9th
October 1, 2020
Sales $100,000 Cost of Goods Sold $55,000 Depreciation $6,000 Dividend paid $6,000 Retained Earnings Added $18,000 Total Assets $85,000 Equity
October 1, 2020

Write two to three paragraphs describing the background of the case.  This document should include a cover page. Repeat the questions from the case study in bold and then provide your answers. In addition to the textbook, other scholarly papers should be used and referenced. APA format must be strictly followed.

The first 2-3 paragraphs need to summarize the case study
The following questions have to be answered about the case study as well:

-What are some ways that data mining could be used to detect fraud in health insurance claims?

-How could private insurance companies and public government agencies collaborate to combat insurance fraud?

-What types of business skills would be necessary to define the rules for and analyze the results from data mining?

-What business processes are necessary to complement the IS component of data mining?


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