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September 17, 2020
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September 17, 2020

Create a report, the report should have a professional look. Spend some time on the layout and design. You need more than just the table. You also need your name, date and time at the top, and a paragraph explaining how this report was generated. The date and time should be obtained from the computer, not hard coded.

The report should have a list of faculty names, phone numbers and email addresses (you need at least 5 faculty in the list).

You need to include at least 5 separate CSS styles. Careful – they must be separate style and
not just a property of a single style. At least one needs to deal with color. At
least one separate one must deal with margins. At least one separate one must deal with
borders.At least one separate one must deal with Fonts. (it is often a good idea to have a
few more just to make sure you have enough)

Incorporate a logo on the report


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