Criminal Deviance

May 25, 2020
CO5: Discuss the implications of global nursing for healthcare delivery systems. (PO7)Reflect on the TCN Self-Assessment you completed during Week 2, and determine if your score changed.Perform an Int
May 26, 2020

  1. Over the course of several days browse the print or online editions of a major U.S. newspaper (be sure to check each section of the paper, not just
    the front page). Identify and record the various types of criminal deviance reported in the news. Are certain types of criminal deviance represented
    more than others? Which ones? Overall, did it seem like criminal deviance was a major or minor part of news coverage?
  2. Marijuana use represents a type of contested deviant behavior. Some people feel that using marijuana is no more deviant than smoking cigarettes,
    while others feel it should be criminalized. The debate surrounding marijuana exemplifies how what is considered deviant can change over time and
    also how deviance varies based on the context. Create two lists, one with reasons why marijuana use should not be considered deviant and another
    listing reasons why marijuana should remain a largely criminalized form of deviance. How many of the points you listed relate to ethical, moral or
    religious convictions? What about economic or social concerns? Given the opportunity, which side of the debate would you choose to argue and on
    what basis.
  3. Labeling theories in the area of criminology suggest that labeling particular groups as deviant can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. That is, people may
    become that which is expected of them—including becoming deviant or even criminally deviant. Can you think of other social settings where labeling
    theory might be applied?

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