Critical social theories – custom papers

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July 18, 2021
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Critical social theories – custom papers

Critical social theories
•    Majority of references must be no more than 10 years old
•    APA referencing style,  appropriately referenced (both in- text and Bibliographically), and
acknowledges paraphrasing and quotations.
Learning Task
Essay on one social theory tradition and contemporary developments  – 3,000 words
Task: Essay
Critical social theories are in part a consequence of developments in the disciplines which have
traditionally informed social/welfare/community work practice.   They are also a response from
practitioners to the ways in which social/welfare/community work has been practiced in the past.
This essay needs to outline both of the following:
1. Trace the history of the particular critical social theoretical perspective (POVERTY), identifying its origins, practice applications and critiques of the perspective;
2. Further explore and explain the particular ‘field of practice’ (ADDICTION) and explore the ways in which different theories have influenced the way in which services are delivered, and how critical social perspectives can be helpful in understanding this practice field; and,
3. The essay should conclude with a framework for practice –this can be a set of questions, topics or themes that you would employ in practice.
Marking Criteria for Assessment  3
Assessment Criteria    Essay
STRUCTURE: Shape of paper -introduction –argument / development of points / conclusion, list of references, logical and easy to follow communication of major point    10
EXPRESSION: Spelling, syntax, clarity and economy in written work
USE OF LITERATURE:Relevant readings on the topic area    10
ARGUMENT: Flow of ideas, development of points, use of evidence    5
ANALYSIS:Making sense of material, interpretation, use of ideas, critique    5
ORIGINALITY: Own ideas, development of material outside the norm, fresh perspectives    5
CRITIQUE: Comparing with related material, discussing usefulness and limitations    5
50 marks
Recommended reference materials
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Payne, M. 2005, Modern social work theory,Palgrave, Basingstoke, UK
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Contemporary Relevant Education and Practice, Ashgate, Aldershot, U.K.
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