Cultural Persenttation: Middle Eastern(Isrealie)

What is the name of the program that stores and updates immunization records in Indiana? What is the objective of the program?
October 31, 2019
Describe the issues in the diagnosis of psychopathology in children.Imagine that you are a practicing psychologist, and you are presenting at an upcoming psychology conference. Your chosen topic is childhood and age-related disorders.
October 31, 2019


Present a culture that will assist students in applying holistic nursing care to patients.


Create a culture diversity poster/power point presentation

1. What health care practice dose this culture(Isrealie) embrace that may be different than Western medicine?

a. What pratices may interfere with health care/

b. What are the major illness and diseases in this country?

c. Include environmental and social issues that impact health care?

d. Include an explanation regarding hoe the content provides a focus for nursing assessment and or nursing interventions.

2. How does this culture perceive current health practices in this country (united States)

a. Hospital based care

b. Family/home based care

c. Medication vs. Home remedies

d. Include an explanation regarding how the content provides a focus for nursing assessment and or nursing intervention.

References:APA Format

a.References: Utilize in text citations,within the power point slides and  provide reference at the bottom of the slide.

Include a reference page slide

* Please include pictures and description that will enhance the learning of all students.


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