Debate on Science

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February 8, 2018
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Debate on Science

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I’m having a debate on whether science is the most path to knowledge and i got assigned as i am FOR it. So since i agree with science i need help now on writing such a debate on this topic since i don’t know anything about science.
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Different people seem to know the world in different ways. The historian tries to capture the world through the past. The artist tries to capture the world through the imagination. The author through narrative, the philosopher through ideas, the mathematician through numbers, etc. But, what about the scientist It would seem to be the case that scientists think that they just get at the world as it is and always will be. Is it true that scientists get at the world in a unique and important way If so, is science a more important way of getting at the world than all the others When we, as a society, choose which paths of knowledge to pursue, are some paths more important than others

Is science the most important path to knowledge

The team FOR the resolution should argue that science is the most important path to knowledge. Science gets at the truth better than any other field of inquiry because its methods and subject are the most certain and verifiable. Further, the truths that science turns up give us technology, medicine, and real knowledge about the world round us. Other ways of knowing about the world may have some value, but none are as valuable as science.