Deciphering Climate Science

Make reference in your answers to relevant cases and sections of the Civil Liability Act 2002 (NSW).
October 18, 2020
Also try a multiway dot plot, superposing different plotting symbols on a single set of axes. Use a linear scale for concentration.
October 18, 2020

1. How does the green house effect work (i.e. how does a gas “trap heat”)? Be specific, how can a layer of gases hold heat? How are different gases different in their greenhouse effect? Some good resources for this question are here:

2. If atmospheric CO2 rises, what happens to the ocean and other water bodies as CO2 rises in the atmosphere?
Some great resources for this are here:

3. Describe what has been occurring with the Ozone layer. How, if at all, is ozone associated with global warming? Is the Ozone hole driving, slowing, or having no effect on global warming? Some great resources for this are here:

4. Describe the Ocean Conveyor Belt (AKA Thermohaline Circuit). What does this have to do with Climate Change? Be specific.
Some great resources for this are here:

5) Indicators of Climate Change.
What are some of the indications that our global climate is changing due to human activities? What is happening with global temperatures? Some good resources for this subject are:

Please use APA format to cite sources.

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