Designing Benefit Plans

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September 17, 2020
September 17, 2020

Given what you have read about benefit plans and options, as well as costs and factors for designing a benefit plan, draft a basic plan for a start-up company of fewer than 100 employees in your local community.

First, review Exhibit 12.6 (Factors Influencing Choice of Benefit Package), which lists the employer and employee factors influencing benefit choices. Then look at a company in your community and examine what they provide for their employees.

For this assignment you will create a draft of a basic benefit plan. In your plan you will describe the benefit options you will offer along with the cost of these options, and you will also include the following information on factors influencing the choices in your benefit package:

  1. Which of the benefits you selected would be considered standard, which are unique for your industry, and which benefits would attract highly qualified candidates?
  2. Describe your company’s competition in your community, and address the competitive factors that are at play for attracting employees.
  3. What cost target as a percentage of the total compensation package is appropriate for your total benefit package? What trends will have an effect on your cost target?
  4. How will your plan affect retention and motivation of the work force?
  5. How will you ensure that your plan meets legal requirements?
  6. Will any of your benefits show an unintended preference for people of a certain age, gender, marital status, or number of dependents? Describe the impact and any issues that might arise from this.
  7. Would you be able to administer the plan in a small employer environment?

Review the scoring guide linked in the Resources. Submit a 3–4 page, double-spaced, analysis. Be sure to cite all outside resources used in your assignment in APA format.

chapter 12

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