Develop assessment framework for (hypothetical) future corporate investment job

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February 23, 2021
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February 23, 2021

Upon graduation from college with a major in Entrepreneurship you obtained a position as an analyst in the entrepreneurial venture investment team of an international corporation. Your supervisor believes you are a rising star in the company and gives you the task of developing an assessment framework for future corporate investment.

Instructions: Analyze, Generate Report

(Internal) Corporate Assessment. Identify the international company which (hypothetically) employs you- “UBS Financial Services”. Investigate the company on the internet to discuss the following:

  1. Corporate strategic vision and mission, including targeted areas for company growth
  2. The types of products/services the company currently delivers to the customer
  3. Corporate ethics and culture
  1. (External) Global Marketplace Analysis. Investigate the global marketplace in which your company operates on the internet to discuss the following:
    1. Analyze the current market, its size, the competitors, the global environment in which the company operates
    2. Describe the worldwide target consumer demographics
    3. Research and review 3 investment analyst opinions and summarize near (3 year) and long term (10 year) trends for the market in which the company operates
    4. Analyze global geopolitical trends and their impact on the market

Instructions: Apply, Framework Development

  1. Create a framework by which your company can evaluate venture investments which includes
    1. Appraisal of strategic fit with corporate strategy
    2. Evaluation of market opportunity relative to global marketplace trends
    3. Assessment of ethical, environmental and political risks
    4. Assessment of market readiness of venture
    5. Evaluation of leadership and technical team members of venture
    6. Venture risk assessment and financing requirements

Provides specific metrics for evaluation purposes using the results from your corporate and market analysis.


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