Differences of Informatics and Clinical Informatics Comparison Paper

Case study Use APA 6th Edition Format and support your work with at least 3 peer-reviewed references within 5 years of publication. Remember that you need a cover page and a reference page.
February 25, 2021
Lone Star College Family Health Assessment Paper
February 25, 2021

  • Compare and contrast informatics and clinical informatics. Cite references.
  • Provide 2 examples with rationale of clinical informatics in your organization (I Work at Licking Memorial Hospital in Newark Ohio), or that of a nursing colleague, that has facilitated or improved patient care. You may not use the electronic health record as one of your examples. (You can also make up something if you wish or how on my labor and delivery unit, our clinical coordinator made up small cards to go on our badge as a quick way to reference the medications and dosages we use on our unit such as Pitocin, magnesium, Methergine, ephedrine, cytotec, cervidil, we also implemented a chain of command tree for who to call in case of an emergency if the RN feels the doc is making an error)
  • Provide 2 examples with rationale of how a nurse manager can use data management as a strategy to improve patient care on their unit(s).
  • Why did President Bush mandate the implementation of electronic health records by 2014? Provide rationale.

200-300 words, APA format

Your initial post must contain minimum of two (2) references, in addition to examples from your personal experiences to augment the topic. The goal is to make your post interesting and engaging so others will want to read/respond to it. Synthesize and summarize from your resources in order to avoid the use of direct quotes

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