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February 24, 2021
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February 24, 2021

For each of the following scenarios, describe how you would implement concurrent aerobic and resistance training to meet the goals of the client. You do not need to write out specific workouts, but describe how you would adjust the frequency, intensity, duration and mode of resistance and aerobic training to maximize the benefits and minimize interference.  

Please number your responses so that it is clear which scenario each of your answers refers to.

1) A bodybuilder preparing for competition who is trying to maximize fat loss and maintain muscle mass.

2) A powerlifting preparing for a meet focused on maximum strength who also needs to reduce body mass by 5 lbs for weight class purposes. 

3) A cross country athlete who wants to maintain body weight but improve aerobic fitness, anaerobic threshold, and strength to body weight ratio.

4) A soccer player who wants to improve aerobic fitness and also short burst ability (e.g. sprinting). 

Due Tuesday March 17, 2020 



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