discussion questions 628

management 400 level case assignment
April 3, 2021
A family wants to cross a river in a boat that holds no more than 250lbs. The husband weighs 160lbs….
April 3, 2021

answer these questions, each question requires a DETAILED answer. Please write at least 4-5 sentences per answer.

MG 302

1-Discuss how women’s style of leading is typically different from men’s.

2-What are four dividends of workplace diversity?

3-Define the four components of emotional intelligence and explain why they are important for today’s managers.

4-Explain servant leadership and give an example

5-Contrast the hierarchical and decentralized methods of control.

6-Define the equity theory?

7-Identify three elements of employee engagement and describe some ways that managers can create a work environment that promotes engagement.

8-Explain zero based budgeting?

9-Explain what the changing social contract between organizations and employees means for workers and human resource managers.


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