Editing Required for Aromatherapy Dissertation C2

Neural Plasticity
January 15, 2021
Business Law Discussions – Two Paragraphs
January 15, 2021

Please bid for this assignment only if you can adhere to the following:
• Stick to the given deadline, NO extension will be given.
• Be responsive, communicate with us regularly.
• Send us the assignment progressively on the 50% mark and when it has been completed.
• No copy and pasting work, DO NOT plagiarise. We use the Turnitin system to check for plagiarism, we do not recognise any other plagiarism checking tool.
• No using of fake references. References used must tally with content written.
• Do not take up any assignments from us if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Refer to word document for editing requirements. Everything has to be done perfectly.
Thank you.


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