Energy Industrial Safety – Submit Your Homeworks

Please complete discussion post using all of required text and requirements.
February 25, 2021
construction law and safety
February 25, 2021


Identifies hazards associated with each step of any job or task that has the potential to cause serious injury; and determines how to control the hazards.

Discuss any recent incident, this can be a firsthand event or a current event you find in the news or on a safety magazine website:

Identify the job task involved;
Identify the hazardous condition or hazardous act that is involved in the job tasks;
Identify the control measures – preventative and mitigative.

Make at least two response posts to other learners in the class. After reading their incident description, discuss any other control measures that you identified and think should be implemented.
Attached Files:

Review the Job Safety Analysis information, and articles in this module.Utilizing the incident you identified for your current event assignment, fill in the TASK STEPS on the JSA Worksheet attached.**Copy and paste your current event with a link to the source into a Word Document and upload it along with your completed JSA Worksheet.

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