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December 24, 2020
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December 24, 2020

English essay for a student who study english, so need it to be in simple words to be at the same level

the topic is about transportation problems in the city I live in.

it’s a small town. has a big university, about 30,000 student

the number of buses are not enough, parking lots are enough for limited number of cars

it has a transportation system between campuses using a subway, called PRT, sometime goes down, especially in winter and snow.

the instructions :

– introduction : introduce the problem, why is it a problem, who is affected


– 2 bodies : problem paragraph : effect, consequences, and examples

                  solutions paragraph : solutions to the problem

– conclusion : summarize the problem + solutions

so the total is 4 paragraph


for more information contact me


note, no plagiarism or I will refund my money!


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