evidence based practice guidelines of diabetes mellitus type 2

Discuss some of the goods or services that could be highlighted in a marketing campaign that involves a concierge practice of medicine.
October 29, 2020
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October 29, 2020

  Length: 5-7 pages, excluding cover page & references,
  Format: APA Formatted, including citations and references
  Research: citations required
Choose 2 Evidence Based Practice resources influencing the care provided to your client. Discuss the similarities and differences that you read for those two EBP peer reviewed articles.  Links to guidelines listed below
Submit scholarly paper, with writing style at the graduate level, including all of the following:
    Reviews topic and explains rationale for its selection in the context of client care.  This is a common disease in the American populationexplain the reasons that diabetes care is important to the population reduction of comorbidities etc
    Evaluates key concepts related to the topic.
    Describes multiple viewpoints of the different guidelines if they are opposing.
    Assesses the merit of evidence found on this topic i.e. soundness of research
    Evaluates current EBM guidelines, if available. Or, recommends what these guidelines should be based on available research.  Discuss the Standardized Procedure for this diagnosis.
    Discusses how the evidence did impact/would impact practice.  What should be done differently based on the knowledge gained?
    Consider cultural, spiritual, and socioeconomic issues as applicable.  Address the socioeconomic impact ofdiagnosis rates,  access to quality food and access to healthcare among monority populations. Sources: https://www.cdc.gov/diabetes/disparities.html

Compare and contrast the following guidelines
The American diabetes association

American academy of endocrinologists


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