Explaining attractiveness: knowledge production and power projection in Chinas policy for Africa

The Challenger Disaster. Was the Challenger disaster a case of corruption? If so, why? What should c
July 6, 2020
Dr. Forbis argued that policy analysts do not always appreciate the engineering challenges associate
July 6, 2020

The critique presentation requires the student to read one designated article in the units reading list
It develops the students capacity of:
careful and critical reading of academic work, and
strategic use and presentation of material.Expectation:
You may choose to present on the same topic as your news digest.
The critique presentation is required to include the following components:
1. the real-life context of the study reported in the article,
2. the literature review, which provides the academic context of the study/article,
3. the aims of the article,
4. the main claims and the evidence provided to support each of the main claims of the article
(please present in the format of claim 1+evidence; claim 2+evidence, etc.),
5. the overall argument/conclusion of the article, and
6. the methods used to achieve the aims of the article. (These refer to methods that gather and
analyze the evidence used by the author to support the claims.)


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