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May 21, 2020
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May 21, 2020

I need to expand my chapter “Finding” and which was attached.
Another attachment “Formalization” was the previous chapter and which was for your reference.

There are a few things that I want to finish in my chapter “Finding”:
1. Smooth the article – it too many things and data was in a mess, please assist to tidy up.

2. Regression Statistics –  explain more detail regarding the regression statistics.

3. Explain the hotels’ price was related – try to explain more why they are related (Even though regression model showed)

4. In the chapter “Formalization”, I found “When the cost of the hotel is small, the occupancy rate of the hotel will increase and the hotel price will decrease.” But the data showed in “Finding” was not match the result, please explain it.

**You can adjust my words but try not to delete unless it was not smooth.

Information as below:

Request question:
Is there any kind of strategic behaviour that may exist in the gaming and hospitality oligopoly of Macau?

Together, the six casino concession holders, SJM, MGM China, Sands China, Wynn Macau, Galaxy Entertainment, and Melco Resorts, form an oligopoly that dominates the gaming and hospitality industry of Macau. The oligopoly operates integrated resorts that provide both gaming and hotel services. The interdependence among oligopolists should be prominent. Therefore, the main purpose of this study is to examine the kind of the strategic behaviour that may exist in the gaming and hospitality oligopoly of Macau. Firstly, to analyze the production strategies in the gaming industry, this dissertation will analyze the gaming revenue and the number of gamblers to find out the interactive production patterns of the six operators. Secondly, I will explore the hotel room pricing strategies of the six operators. Competitive pricing patterns may be obtained from the time series of the latest hotel room prices.

For the purposes of this dissertation, quantitative analyses will be conducted based on secondary data. The major data sources include the Visitor Expenditure Survey, Travel Agencies Survey, Hotel, and Similar Establishments Survey and Gaming Sector Survey of the DSEC (Statistics and Census Bureau of Macau), as well as renowned hotel booking sites such as and Trivago.

Please use the below keywords in the paper.
Key Words: six casino concession holders, oligopoly, dominates, integrated resorts, interdependence, strategic behaviour, gaming and hospitality oligopoly, interactive production patterns, pricing strategies, Competitive pricing, quantitative, secondary data.


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