Gender and identity in A dolls house

Implicit Bias
July 6, 2020
Write a 5-6 page paper about a time you worked on a team The paper should include: The final project
July 6, 2020

Choose ONE of the following topics/themes and write an essay that is in MLA format. These themes/topics are found in the play A Dolls House  (I chose GENDER and IDENTITY) this essay you will have the freedom to write about whatever you want about the theme or topic that you choose from this list (GENDER AND IDENTITY). This essay will not be in response to a specific prompt. Think about how you addressed these themes in your scripts. This essay is not about ADH. These themes are simply found in the play. Your essay will be about the themes/topics themselves. As this is MLA format, you must have:
-A thesis
-5 paragraphs; each correctly formatted with the topic sentence, evidence explanation etc. (follow the PEEL format)
-Three pieces of evidence from the text
-in-text citation that are formatted correctly
-Works Cited Page
-Times Roman, 12 point font


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