Global Business of Apple INC.

Is there sufficient evidence to dispute the newspaper’s claim regarding the proportion of brown eyed people in the United States? Use a = .01.
July 5, 2020
What immunizations are required to work in local area health care centers? Should these immunization
July 5, 2020

For this final written assignment, students are expected to write a 10-15 page paper on a company that does business internationally. 

Key aspects to review are the following:

1. How are the geographical differences in the company’s international business influenced by the geographic region and how does it play a significant role in consumer behavior?

2.  How does the company deal with doing business in foreign markets regarding employee hiring and engagement?

3.  What are some of the difficulties in handling international business and good relations among employees of different cultures?

4.  What role does digital marketing in international business growth?

5.  What are the different aspects and factors of consumer behavior analysis for international business?

6.  What are the roles of human resource management team in management of business in a foreign country?  Differences in laws and regulations in doing business internationally.

7.  How is branding of the product differ in the countries in which they do business?

8.  How does the company ensure success of their business across international boundaries in regards to rival companies in the country?

9.  How does marketing differ on the international market differ from domestic marketing?

10.  How are the international policies of a business doing business internationally differ from domestic business?

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