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May 25, 2020
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May 25, 2020

You are now getting to the point where you want to start thinking about how you will collect your data. Data collecting includes how you will collect your data and specifically which methodology you will utilize. This and the previous two assignments will provide you with the opportunity to really think about, and get feedback on how you collect your data and from whom will it be collected.

For this particular assignment, you will create a discussion post (and comment on others’ discussions) that provides information about your proposed data collection method and the rationale behind it. As always, this should be guided by the previous assignments.

When considering data collection, think about which method fits your question best. If you have a qualitative question, you may consider participant observation or interview methods, for example. If you have a quantitative question, you may consider surveys or secondary data.


Restate your research question
Briefly, restate your research design
Briefly, restate your sampling method
Outline your data collection method and specifically how you plan to collect your data
State how the proposed data collection method fits with your research question


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