Health Care Organization and Delivery

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September 17, 2020
Couple microeconomics questions.
September 17, 2020

Health Care Organization and Delivery

Creating and Interpreting a Table

Learning Objectives:
• Organize and display data
• Recognize data patterns and/or anomalies
• Write an interpretive paragraph discussing data
Select a chronic condition. Search the CDC web site for statistics from the National Center for Health Statistics,, in order to find the prevalence of your selected chronic condition by age category and gender for two regions within the United States. Use this data to construct a table.
Examine your table carefully looking for patterns by gender or age group. Do both regions follow a similar pattern? Are there differences between regions? What might account for similarities or difference? Write a paragraph interpreting the table. Point out only the highlights, general patterns, and/or data that differ from the general pattern. What conclusions can you draw from your data?


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