Health care service Academic Essay

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October 19, 2020
NURS6051 Transforming Nursing and Healthcare Through Technology Paper
October 19, 2020

Health Care Service Worksheet

Choose one health care service or function from your readings or this week’s vocabulary exercise that interests you the most personally or professionally. Identify it below:

Division: Radiology

Describe the chosen service or function of care by filling out the following. AIDress each point with complete, grammatically correct sentences.
• Focus or mission of the service or function (100 to 200 words):
• Description of the population served (100 to 200 words):
• Specific care providers or professionals who work in this service or function (100 to 200 words):
• How this service or function of care interacts with the health care structure in which it exists (100 to 200 words):

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