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University of Maryland Ohms Law Laboratory Report
October 1, 2020
Whats the point of a sociology course about health? If you want to learn about health, you need a course that teaches you about biology. You need a course that is focused on medical research. Theres not much that sociology can tell us about whe
October 1, 2020

 In a study of 14,000 undergraduate students in the Beat the Cheat article, two-thirds admitted to cheating on assignments or tests (Novotney, 2011). Are you surprised by this statistic? Is it higher or lower than you expected? Why or why not? What are the most common reasons why students cheat? Do you think it is wrong to buy an essay for a class assignment? Why or why not? What are strategies students and teachers can use to prevent cheating and ensure academic integrity? 75 word count
 In the classroom the ability to communicate clearly and effectively demonstrates your learning and contributes to a respectful and academic environment. With this in mind, what rules or philosophies of netiquette are important in a learning environment? How does the Student Code of Conduct reinforce the practice of netiquette? 75 word count
Explain netiquette in 75 words
In your own words, describe growth mindset. How can a growth mindset help you in your academic work?75 words
 When you prioritize, you identify what’s most important to you, a process that helps you allocate more time to your top priorities. Ask yourself: What activities are taking up most of my time? Am I spending too much time on unproductive or distracting activities? If so, what are they? When am I most productive? Least productive? 75 word
In creating a personal success plan to achieve a goal, you may come across barriers. Imagine an academic goal you want to achieve and a potential barrier to achieving that goal. What kinds of solutions can you come up with to work past this barrier? 75 word count
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