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April 3, 2021
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April 3, 2021

1. You must include a copy of this rubric cover sheet when you submit your paper in class: Rubric – Rhetorical
2. When you submit your paper in class, you must include the following items, in the following order:
a. Rubric cover sheet (top of the pile)
b. Final draft
c. Rough draft
d. Peer review notes
3. You must submit an electronic copy of your final draft through Turnitin before you come to class on the day the paper is due.

Directions for Turnitin:
1. Log into Canvas and open the page for this class.
2. Click to open the assignment page.
3. Click “Submit Assignment”
4. Cut and paste the text of your paper (do not include the heading, title, or rubric) into the provided text box.
5. Click “This assignment submission is my own, original work.”
5. Click “Submit Assignment”


English 100T, Fall 2015
Rhetorical Analysis Essay Assignment
Length: Five paragraphs; at least two full pages
Purpose: To analyze the rhetorical situation of an essay
Audience: Your instructor and classmates (an academic audience)
Genre: Academic essay
Pick one of the following essays from 
50 Essays

“Graduation” by Maya Angelou (pages 20-32)

“A Woman’s Beauty: Put-Down or Power Source” by Susan Sontag (pages 386-389)
“Two Ways to Belong in America” by Bharati Mukherjee (pages 290-294)
Read the essay very carefully.  Then write a five-paragraph essay about the essay you selected.
Paragraph One: Introduction
Introduce the essay you will be writing about.
Include the author’s name and the title of the essay.
Give a brief (no more than two sentences) description of what the essay is about
End your introduction with a thesis statement
Your thesis should indicate the three elements of the rhetorical situation you intend to
Your thesis should indicate why it is important to consider these elements (what people
can expect to learn by reading your essay)
Example: By examining Carr as an author, exploring the context in which he wrote, and
considering the message he conveys through his essay, his audience can arrive at a
deeper understanding of how technology influences the intellectual experiences of
people in the United States.
Paragraphs Two through Four: Main Body
You must write three paragraphs in the Main Body of your essay.  Each paragraph should
address one part of the rhetorical situation (purpose, audience, message, context, or author).
Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence that indicates the rhetorical element you will
be discussing.
Each paragraph should include supporting details from the essay you are analyzing.
You must include two short quotations (no more than one sentence each).
Your quotations must be properly cited in MLA format.
Questions to consider in the Main Body of the essay (depending on the topics of your
What is the essay’s context? What does the essay tell us about the values of the society
in which it was created?  How do you know?
Who is the author?  Why should we trust the author?  How do you know the author is
credible?  What qualifies the author to write about the topic?  Is the author an expert?
How do you know?
What is the author’s purpose?  How do you know?
Who is the essay’s intended audience?  How do you know?

English 100T, Fall 2015
Does the author have an agenda?  How is the essay manipulating its viewers?  What
does the author want readers to learn? How does the author want people to react?
How do you know?
Each paragraph should end with a transitional sentence that foreshadows the next paragraph.
Paragraph Five: Conclusion
Restate your thesis (using different words)
Summarize your main points
Leave your readers thinking:
Based on your analysis, did the author achieve his or her rhetorical goals? Why or why not? How
could the author have been more successful in achieving these goals?
Do not use either the first person perspective
 (I, me, my, we, us, our) 
or the second person perspective
your, yours) anywhere in this paper.  This paper must be written 
 in the third person perspective.
 include an MLA-style works cited page. Any paper failing to include a works cited page will receive a





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