individual reflection paper of the movie “the dream team”

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May 21, 2020
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May 21, 2020

watch a movie “The Dream Team” that involves a small group (4 people) and analyze the group’s dynamics throughout the film.  Write a paper about the group you analyzed throughout the movie. Your paper should be in traditional essay format (Introduction, thesis, main point paragraphs, Conclusion). The paper will include:
Group Development
Using the 4 Phases of Development from the textbook, describe the development of the group. How useful were these stages or phases in accurately describing group development?(I will attach file)
Norms and Roles
Identity the groups explicit and implicit norms. Discuss any deviation from these norms.
Discuss the distribution of task, maintenance, and self-centered roles.
Did the group simply appoint a leader, or did a leader begin to emerge?
Using one of the leadership theories/types from your textbook, describe and analyze the leadership in the group.
Conflict and Participation
Was there equal participation by all group members?
What types of conflicts emerged and how did the group work through the conflicts?
Group Outcome
Discuss how effectively or ineffectively the group performed together.


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