Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Ways in which state judges find their way to the bench.
May 30, 2020
Doctor of Business Administration program
May 30, 2020

Task 1 (1200 words)

According to Peter F. Drucker ‘an entrepreneur is one who always searches for change, responds to it and exploits it as an opportunity’. An entrepreneur encounters a lot of challenges, so it is very essential to know the theories as they help to explain what entrepreneurship entails.
Critically discuss the main theories of entrepreneurship such as Economic Theory, Sociological Theory, Psychological Theory and Entrepreneurship Innovation Theory

Task 2 (900 words)

You are required to choose a success story of an entrepreneur who introduced an innovative idea. Discuss the challenges and obstacles he faced during putting that idea into reality how did the entrepreneur overcame those challenges. Last but not the least describe why did you select that particular entrepreneur?

Task 3 (900 words)

Rehman and Singh (2014) states that the success of an entrepreneurs generally depends on different sets of factors. Many authors and researchers are of the view that the success of an entrepreneur greatly influenced by the economic and environmental factors.

In context of Sultanate of Oman, critically discuss the business environment for innovation and entrepreneurship

Reference (minimum 5 References as per Harvard style)

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