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January 14, 2021
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January 14, 2021

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Life Plan Assignment
Throughout our lives, most of us experience several significant events, or “life events.” Educational pursuits, career aspirations, recreational interests, marital life, children and end-of-life preferences are common subjects. The emotion surrounding these events varies, but each should cause us to examine our future (and past) to ensure we’re making the best decisions possible for ourselves, our friends, and our families.
A life plan is a detailed description of your decisions, intentions, hopes and dreams. A detailed life plan is instructive for creating greater clarity regarding life priorities and next steps.
Assignment instructions:
Pick a topic of interest in human growth and development. This could be something that you worry about in the future (i.e., your father getting Alzheimer’s Disease) or something that happened in the past that you wish had been handled better (i.e., your best friend was bullied in the 6th grade and you didn’t know what to do at the time) or something you are concerned about now (i.e., your friend is bulimic.)
Ways to identify a topic:

List your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and/or material needs.
Identify your strengths and talents.
Consider your hopes and dreams.

Once you have a topic.

Outline concrete goals for dealing with your topic that satisfy things you identified in 1-3 above.
Find academic research that supports your goals.
Examine the details of your plan: How feasible is it? What issues might arise that would interfere with your plan? Do you have alternatives?

Your plan must cite at least three academic articles that offer support to your plan. Your paper should be at least 2 pages long, double-spaced and follow APA format.


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