Literary Analysis Writing –

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September 17, 2020
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September 17, 2020

Literary Analysis Writing
Paper details:
iting Assignment
Assignment: Write a well-developed essay that is at least five paragraphs long. No outside sources are required, but you must use at least three direct quotes from the literary passages to illustrate or substantiate any claims you make in your paper.
1. Your final paper must be in correct MLA format with the standard MLA heading (see handout posted on Blackboard).
2. Include a Works Cited at the end of your paper with full bibliographic citation of the literary work you are analyzing.
3. Have at least 3 direct quotations from the literary works you are writing about to support and illustrate your discussion.
4. Your paper must be written in third-person objective point of view. No “you” or “I” except when using a personal example.
5. You must submit your paper electronically to the SafeAssign dropbox in Blackboard.. SafeAssign only accepts Word, text, and html files.
You may use any of the fictional literature from your text. Your analysis should include:
An evaluation of the use of symbolism
An analysis of the conflict- causes, effects, or both
An evaluation of the characterization
An interpretation of the characters or relationships among them
An exploration of themes


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