Mechanical Properties

What are the most important aspects these development models for a parent, teacher and judge to be aware of? Provide examples and be sure to include specific stage characteristics
July 6, 2020
You have been commissioned by the vice president (VP) of human resources to gather data about…
July 6, 2020

  1. Understand the concepts of true stress, true strain, strain hardening coefficient, and their relations to

strength and toughness of a material; analyze experimental data to evaluate the aforementioned


  1. Understand the concepts of creep, activation energy, and stress relaxation; use the concepts to predict

creep life under practical engineering situations.

  1. Analyze complex and principal states of stress and strain using Mohr’s circles, and apply the concepts

to evaluate laboratory data involving pressure vessels and strain gages.

  1. Use stress based and strain based approaches to fatigue of smooth and cracked structural members.

Understand the concept of stress concentration and its role in material failure.

  1. Understand the concepts of stress intensity and fracture toughness. Use fracture mechanics principles

to predict fracture behavior under plane stress and plane strain. Understand the “leak before break”

criterion. Acquire ability to apply fracture mechanics in mechanical design.

  1. techniques involved in measuring fatigue crack growth using electron microscopy and striation

spacing. Analyze fatigue life using Paris equation for incremental fatigue crack growth rate

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