6-8 pages, not incl. cover page, abstract page, and reference page
October 29, 2020
pl401 week 7 assignment
October 29, 2020

I do not want a paper and reference i just want you to answer following questions
Answer  the following in 250 words each:
a) Using value chain analysis, demonstrate your understanding of how Ryan Air achieves cost leadership in different parts of the value chain.   Identify the risks Ryan Air faces due to its pure cost leadership strategy, using the types of risks given in the chapter and specific examples from the video. 
b)  Using the case Logging Dilemma and specific 9 M functions, explain the functional strategies that are most consistent with either the current technology or the alternative technology for Yakima-Olympia, along with justification.   
c)  What would you say is the business strategy of Yakima-Olympia (cost leadership or differentiation?)   Which technology (current or alternative) is more appropriate given this business strategy?   Suggest three alternative ways in which Yakima-Olympia may ensure the use of this appropriate technology.–Europe’s Budget Airline Ryan Air the case for question a 
The logging dilemma case for question b and question c Chain anlysis and value assertion strategy
Another two file you can find the informationvabouyv functional strategies, business stratgey and value chain analysis
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