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April 3, 2021
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April 3, 2021

For your final paper you have selected an artifact/text you wish to examine using a concept or theory from gender communication. The final paper will be 2750-3000 words. Please format in APA style, complete with headers, title page, 12pt Times New Roman, double space, 1 inch margins. For more specifics about APA formatting and citations see Purdue Owl Links to an external site.
Paper Format: 1. Introduction (5-10% of your paper length)In this section, you should introduce your analysis. You should provide a bit of background, identify yourresearch questions(s), and state your thesis for your interpretation.This section should answer the reader’s question: what is this paper about and how is it organized?2. Study description (15-20% of your paper length)In this section, you should describe the artifact you are examining. In doing so, you should provide adescription of the context/background of the artifact. You can discuss why the artifact is worthanalyzing and/or talk about the consequences of the artifact (was it positively or negatively received?).After discussing the artifact, you need to talk about the theory or concept in gender communication you have chosen and why. Then walk us through your process, how did you go about analyzing (See Washington’s method section for an example of this). For example, if you looked at multiple texts, explain how you determined which texts toexamine.This section should answer the reader’s question: what are you studying, why is this artifact worthstudying, and how did you study the artifact?3. Analysis (40-60% of your paper length)In this section, you should explain and discuss your research findings. Remember that you are making anargument for your interpretation, so you should use evidence from the artifact to back up your analyticalclaims. There is no standard way of organizing this section since it will depend heavily on the nature ofyour artifact and study. However, you might try to organize this section according to your findings. Forexample, if there are three main metaphors you found in your artifact, this section could be broken up into adiscussion of each metaphor. As you discuss your findings, you are generally doing two things: provingthat the finding exists and explaining what the finding means for your critique.This section should answer the reader’s question: what are your findings and what do they mean for theartifact?4. Implications and conclusion (15-25% of your paper length)In this final section, you should take a step back from the close reading of your texts and talk a bit about thelarger implications of your analysis. For example, if you looked at a specific reality TV series, talk abouthow your findings help explain gender in other reality TV series. If you looked at a particular ad campaign,explain how your critique applies to other similar campaigns.This section should answer the reader’s question: how do your findings apply to other artifacts?
Essay style guide:

Make sure your entire document is in the same font, size, and color. Copy and pasting can leave inconsistencies
Avoid contractions and clichés such as “since the beginning of time humans have ….”
Avoid making “taken for granted” claims without evidence. If you’re saying something is happening out in the world cite an example. It can be from a popular or academic source. If you’re claiming something is good or bad explain why. If you’re claiming something created bias offer a potential solution.
Avoid excessive direct quotes. Unless they’ve articulated something especially perfect find a way to paraphrase.
Use “I” statements to distinguish your perspectives or experiences from the statements of the author (Note: Some classes might require to remove yourself from your essays by using “one” to refer to yourself but for our purposes I want you to locate yourself in your work and be accountable for your experiences and opinions.)
Credit the author, not the article or book, with doing the work
Refer to author by full name (first time) or last (any proceeding occurrence), never just first name. Include a citation the first time you refer to the article per paragraph.
Be deliberate about your essay structure. Use the organization of your articles to emphasize the overlaps and divergences. The order of articles should reflect some organic development.
USE TOPIC SENTENCES AND TRANSITIONS- show us how you’ve thought through the connections between articles

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