Distinguish the roles of Medicare and Medicaid managed care plans in the healthcare delivery system.Write a three- to five-page double-spaced paper (excluding title and reference pages), addressing the following:
October 13, 2019
Select two employee performance predictors , consider how each may or may not be effective in predicting sales performance. Post a descriptions of the two predictors you selected.
October 13, 2019

Acting as an outside consultant , create 2-3 report ( not counting the title page of reference section ) for the organization’s leadership that addresses the following:

  1. A brief overview of the way the skills model is employed in  the organization or team. 
  2. A brief explanation of the impact of the way the skills model is employed on the tribal stage of the organization. 
  3. A clear, research-backed recommendation regarding which changes should be made ( based on the selected tribal stage)
  4. An action plan for implementing those changes. 

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